Enjoying The Night Markets In Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps, and no matter what time of day it is, there is a party going on somewhere. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok and want to see what the night markets have to offer, here are some of the highlights and the best ones to visit that you may enjoy.

Patpong Night Market

If you are staying in a hotel near Lumpini MRT station, then you will not have to travel far to get to Patpong Night Market. The area was made famous by American soldiers during the Vietnam War and is synonymous with the sex shows that were on offer. You can still find these, but today markets and shopping are the main points of interest. You will be able to find all sorts of different fashion items for sale, electronics and gadgets, shows, and much more, and if you want, you can always catch a show afterwards.

Chatuchak Friday Night Market

Chatuchak is well known for the weekend market which sees some 15,000 stalls selling just about anything that you can think of, but not as many people know that you can also visit on a Friday night. On a Friday, there are fewer stalls open and even fewer people attending, so it can be the perfect time to explore the rabbit warren of vendors in the market. As well as all manner of items available to buy, there is also plenty of delicious foods and refreshing drinks to enjoy.

Khao Sarn Road

Although Khao Sarn Road is not a market as such, the area which is popular with backpackers also attracts a lot of vendors and market stalls. As the sun starts to go down the stalls are erected along the street, and you will find a wide variety of things for sale, including clothes and fashion items, electronics, gadgets and toys. It is the perfect place to get your souvenirs from Bangkok, and you can enjoy a drink or some food while you are there.


If you are looking for a market that is a little different, then Artbox may be right up your street, with many of the stalls being converted shipping containers. It is easy to get to as it is between the Asok and Nana BTS stations, and is popular with both tourists and locals alike. You will find tasteful fashion and handmade accessories at this market, with very few tacky souvenirs available. If you want to go out and party after you finish shopping it is the perfect location as there are a multitude of bars and restaurants not far from the market.

These are just a few of the best night markets that you can find in Bangkok, but there are plenty more to choose from if you click here. If you like to shop till you drop, then you are going to love your trip to Bangkok.

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