Spending A Day Exploring Koh Samui & Seeing What The Island Offers

When you are enjoying a holiday on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, you will want to ensure you make the most of the experience and explore everything the island has to offer. An excellent way to do this is by renting a bicycle and spending a day exploring the island. You can peddle your bike around the island, explore what is on offer, and easily find a café in Samui when you get tired and need refreshment. Below are some tips to help you have a fantastic time touring the island on a bicycle and ensure you have an amazing holiday on beautiful Samui.

Rent Your Bikes

You will need to find the best location to rent bikes from, and many hotels and resorts throughout the island can help you with this. You will need to keep in mind that you will not get a top-end bicycle when you rent one, but as long as the peddles and brakes work and the seat is comfortable, you should not need anything else. Once you have decided where to rent your bike from, you will need to look at where you will go on it and explore everything Koh Samui offers.

Planning Your Route Around Samui

There are many excellent cycling routes on the island of Samui, and you can plan yours to take in some beautiful scenery, idyllic beaches, and somewhere to enjoy some refreshments. The bikemap.net website is an excellent resource you can use to plan your trip and has lots of routes you can try that are suitable for different fitness levels. Once you have your bike and know where you are going, you need to get everything ready for your day out on the bike to prepare for whatever happens.

Packing Your Rucksack

You will want to pack a rucksack to take on your cycling adventure on Koh Samui, so you have everything you need. You will need to ensure you pack sunscreen and apply it liberally before heading out, and you will also wat some mosquito spray. You may also want to pack a swimming costume and a towel if you wish to go swimming at the beach and pack plenty of water to drink. You can also stop off and get some fruit or other snacks for your trip as you cycle around. Make sure your phone or camera has plenty of charges, and you can take lots of Instagram worth pictures that will make your friends jealous of your dream holiday in tropical Koh Samui.

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