Enjoying The Magic Of Elephants In Chiang Mai

If you are travelling to Thailand and looking to head to the north of the country around Chiang Mai, you will want to make sure that you get the chance to spend some time with the elephants. Thankfully, the days of going to elephant camps and riding them are mainly in the past, and the conservation camps that you can see these majestic animals at are run ethically. Here is what you can expect when you visit an elephant park for the day which will have you falling in love with these beautiful beasts.

An Early Start

When you visit the elephant nature park, Chiang Mai, you do not have to worry about transport as there will be a van to collect you from your accommodation. These vans will usually fit around 11 people in, so it may mean that you will be sharing the vehicle with other people. The park is about one and a half hours drive from the centre of Chiang Mai, so you will have time to relax before you arrive at the park, and education videos on the park are often shown on a television within the vehicle.

Arriving At The Park

When you arrive at the park, you will be able to enjoy the crisp mountain air, and you will be greeted by one of the guides who will take you through the park and give you some interesting facts about elephants. They will then take you to change into the traditional Karen clothing, and after this, it is time to collect some fruit and sugar cane and get introduced to the elephants who will be keen to see you.

The Afternoon

After you have fed the elephants and interacted with them, it is time to feed the visitors. You can enjoy a traditional Thai lunch and a wide selection of fruit, depending on what is in season, and after you have eaten it is time for more fun. You will get to enjoy making medicine balls for the elephants and you can also feed them these before going for a walk with them.

Time For An Elephant Spa

As you walk the elephants to the river your guide will give you more information about these fascinating animals, and the personalities of the animals you are interacting with in the park. When you arrive at the river it is time to get wet and give the elephants a nice cooling bath in the river.

Time To Go

After you have finished bathing the elephants it is time to get changed and say goodbye to your new friends. As you ride the van back to your hotel you can go through all the pictures and videos that you took and see which ones will make it to your Instagram account.

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